In Helsinki, large-sized special transports are directed to ships through Vuosaari port. Special transports arriving into or leaving from Vuosaari Harbour area must be agreed upon in advance with the harbour operator.

Special transport refers to transport that exceeds the dimensions or mass limits allowed for normal transport. Typical special transports are, for example, the transport of machines, elements, cranes and large products.

Driving instructions for special transports

Apply for the access permit to the closed harbour area in good time. from the operator whose area you are going to.

Please contact Port of Helsinki Info on +358 (0)9 3103 3794 when you arrive into the Harbour Centre area. The Port Info will open the necessary barriers and gates or you can visit the Gatehouse (Drive to parking area P1 in front of the Gatehouse).

Routes for special transports

There are three alternative driving routes to the closed harbor area of ​​Vuosaari harbor, the dimensions of which are:

  • Route 1: Maximum width 12 m, maximum height 7 m.
  • Route 2: Maximum width 7 m, maximum height 4,8 m.
  • Route 3, (normaali ajoreitti): Maximum width 3,5 m, maximum height 48 m, maximum length 30 m

Usually, special transports are directed to route 1.

Special transport routes, Vuosaari harbour

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