Action permit application and instructions

Carrying out certain works in the port area requires a written permission.

The action permit form acts as an application for the following activities subject to authorisation: hot work, roofing and waterproofing work, diving work and excavation work. The form can also be used to apply for orientation or other specified work permit.

The application must always be submitted before the start of the work.

Fill in the application carefully. Once sent, the form is directed to a Port of Helsinki contact person for processing and decision-making. Working in the harbour area always requires a written permit.


Access permits

Access permits for Passenger Harbours

Access permits for Vuosaari Harbour

Boat races and sailing permits

Are you applying for a permit for an event organized in the water area of ​​Port of Helsinki or do you want to make an announcement about an event organized in the Helsinki water area? Use this form: