When arriving at the Olympic Terminal by car, if possible, you can first leave large luggage and family members in front of the terminal, and only then look for a parking space for the car.

Parking spaces for the duration of the cruise can be found either in Olympiaparkki, which can be reserved in advance, or in the Makasiini P2 outdoor parking area.

It is about 150 m from the nearest tram stop to the terminal.

Here you can find further information about Parking and Connections.


Check-in can be done at the terminal

  • during the day of departure with a self-service machine (8 pcs.) or
  • at the check-in desk, which is staffed. The counter opens at approx. 2:45 p.m

Family Lounge

Family lounge offers fun for the whole family.

Children playing on the playground in the terminal lobby.
  • The children’s playground with slides and climbing frames is aimed at the youngest in the family.
  • With the interactive iWall game wall, you can play several exercise and fun games alone or with a friend.
  • The interior and furniture are designed with families with children in mind.
  • You can find baby care facilities with the accessible toilets.


You get on the ship either

  • to the deck 5, with accessible access. From deck 5 you can find elevetors to the ship’s cabin decks. The route is recommended for those who are familiar with the ship and who know how to find their own cabin. Or
  • to the main entrance of the 7th deck, where you can find both an elevator and escalators to the different decks of the ship.

Boarding the ship starts every day for all passengers at 15:30 and ends at approx. 16:45.