A permit is always required to move around within the closed harbour areas in West Harbour, South Harbour and Katajanokka Harbour. You must complete a safety induction in advance before you can obtain an access permit.

Those who work in passenger ports must complete an online safety induction, where key safety issues are reviewed. Access permit to enter the closed port area can only be obtained after the safety induction has been completed.

Shipping companies grant access permits for their own freight traffic. The Port of Helsinki also grants permits.


Those entering or moving around the area must be prepared to present proof of identity if asked.

People moving around the security area must carry visible photo ID (an identity card issued by the Port of Helsinki or the company’s own identity card) and wear high-visibility workwear, or at the very least a high-visibility vest.

Maintenance traffic and goods deliveries to vessels

At Helsinki Passenger harbours (South Harbour, Katajanokka Harbour and West Harbour) access is monitored by vehicle registration plate identification.

The operator to whom the goods supplier is going shall grant the access permit.

Procedures for transporting goods to a vessel may vary depending on the shipping company. Drivers must be prepared to provide proof of identity.

Vessels arriving into harbours

In accordance with regulations provided by Trafi (the Finnish Transport Safety Agency), a vessel or an authorised representative must submit the details of arriving vessels in advance via the Portnet system.

Vessels arriving into the harbours are responsible for their own access control between the security area and the vessel.

Special regulations concerning cruise ships

Cruise ships can be moored at the Port of Helsinki in five locations. Each quay area has its own security area.

Map of international cruise ship quays 

  • Gates are monitored whilst cruise ships are moored. An access permit is required for access to the vessel or to approach the vessel.
  • Goods suppliers must be able to prove that they are entitled to access to the area with an appropriate document. The validity of the delivery will, where necessary, be checked with the vessel’s security personnel.
  • Buses will be allowed into the area on the basis of an advance notification provided by the travel operator to the guard company.

Ship crews

We aim to ensure that sailors’ access to and from the vessel is as streamlined as possible.

  • The staff of vessels using the passenger terminals may travel through the terminal via indicated routes, unless otherwise agreed with the Port of Helsinki and the authorities.
  • Crew members must provide proof of identity at the gate to the security area or in the terminal. If the security level has to be raised, a crew list provided to the gate will be used to confirm crew member status.
  • A staff card with the vessel’s stamp can be accepted as proof of crew member status.
  • Crew relatives may visit the vessel. The security area gate must be informed in advance of any visits.

Harbour security and permits

Security Manager
Eero Laaksonen

Permit services
Tel. +358 (0)9 310 33615

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