Meeting sustainable development goals requires cooperation with customers, subcontractors and other interest groups. We want to do our part to advance the entire port industry and encourage our partners to reduce their own environmental impact with the means at our disposal.

We carry out environmental cooperation locally, nationally and internationally.

Sustainable investments

The Port of Helsinki is a major developer and infrastructure manager. By reducing carbon dioxide emissions during construction and building use, we can significantly reduce the negative climate impacts caused by the Port’s operations. 

The Port aims to be able to assess the so-called carbon spike in the future, i.e. the climate damage caused by emissions from the extraction of materials required for new construction, their transport and the construction itself. The carbon spike assessments will have a significant impact on the investment decisions made by the Port in the future.

Responsible procurement

The Port of Helsinki promotes business that supports sustainable development in cooperation with its customers and subcontractors. The procurement process is being developed to make it easier to take environmental criteria and the carbon footprint of procurement into account. 
In addition to this, the Port of Helsinki cooperates with its contract partners to develop their operations in a more responsible direction. 

Annual Report 2023

The Port of Helsinki reports on the achievement of its responsibility and sustainable development
goals as a part of its
Annual Report.