Port of Helsinki looking for partners for Vuosaari logistics area development

In spring 2024, Port of Helsinki Ltd acquired an area of 11 hectares in the Vuosaari logistics area from Sponda Oy. In support of its growth strategy, Port of Helsinki will launch the development of the area and invite interested parties to discuss cooperation opportunities.

This area currently serves as the P5 long-term parking area for trailers.There are good access routes to the area from the public street network via Satamakaari, and access to the closed harbour area and the current logistics area can be arranged from the new area. A rail connection and a dry port will be built in the area, which will also provide seamless access to the national rail network. The Port of Helsinki will be planning the construction of the railroad infrastructure and dry port as a separate project.

The port’s operations are measured by the volume of cargo flowing through the port and the efficiency of operations in the port area. Vuosaari Harbour is specialised in unit cargo, and we want to create the preconditions for the growth of unit cargo with this project. A significant share of the development project will be dedicated to partners who are able to bring new cargo flows into Vuosaari Harbour through containerisation and other services.

The aim of the port is to find 2–3 partners whose needs will be taken into account in the development of the area. Partners interested in the project do not need to make any commitments as of yet. For the purposes of further negotiations, we would ask interested operators to provide the following initial information:

A general description of the project and new cargo flows, an indication of the long-term nature of the project, a description of the financial situation of the company and the business model of the company. We would also like operators to provide more detailed information on the size of the terminal area needed for the planned operation, the preliminary scheduling of the project and the ability to cooperate in a partially divided area of operation.

Interested parties should contact the Port of Helsinki in writing by 7 June 2024. Any inquiries or requests pertaining to the area must be addressed to Development Manager Jani Lindroos:

e-mail: jani.lindroos(at)portofhelsinki.fi

telephone: +358 (0)40 505 5708