The pre-booking of parking spaces extends to Katajanokka Terminal

Tienviittoja Katajanokan laivaterminaalin edustalla.
Viking Line passengers can reserve parking in advance at the Katajanokka terminal.

From 15 May 2024 onwards, you can book a parking space in advance from the outdoor parking area P5 of Katajanokka Terminal in the Port of Helsinki. The pre-bookable parking area will open on 11 June 2024. Pre-booked parking costs 20% less than parking without a booking.

Part of the P5 parking area is allocated to those who have reserved their spot in advance, and part remains as a drive-in area. The pre-bookable parking area P5 will open on 11 June 2024. However, you can start booking parking from 15 May 2024 onwards in the online shop When Katajanokka Terminal joins the service, pre-booking parking will be possible at all shipping terminals in central Helsinki.

Pre-booking your parking is a good option for a stress-free departure: you can ensure that you will find a parking space exactly when you need it. Another benefit is that, by booking in advance, you can save 20% on the price of parking compared to drive-in parking.
The parking areas of Katajanokka Terminal also serve everyone using the services in the area, in addition to ship passengers. There are several parking options.

P5 outdoor parking area

  • Both pre-booked and drive-in parking (without booking).
  • Online shop:
  • By pre-booking, you can save 20% of the price of drive-in parking.
  • Parking is payable upon booking.
  • There is no parking time limit.
  • There are 57 pre-bookable parking spaces. Seven of them include a charging station for an electric car.
  • There are about 100 drive-in parking spaces available.
  • The distance to Katajanokka Terminal is approximately 200 metres.

The P3 outdoor parking area is also available close to Katajanokka Terminal for drive-in parking at drive-in parking prices. The P4 parking area, located right next to the terminal, is designed for short-term parking when picking up and dropping off passengers.

Pre-bookable parking is available at all terminals

Via the online shop, you can pre-book inexpensive parking at all City Center terminals in Helsinki:

  • P5 outdoor parking area in Katajanokka Terminal, from 15 May onwards
  • Satamaparkki parking facility in West Harbour
  • Olympiaparkki parking facility under Olympia Terminal, and
  • Makasiiniranta P3 outdoor parking area