Responsible and productive port operations

As a forerunner in our sector, the Port of Helsinki takes responsibility for people and the environment in its operations – each and every day.

We participate actively in the society’s discussion concerning the field and cooperate with decision-makers, influencers and authorities. We want to advance our business field and help the companies connected to it and the surrounding society understand the business operations of the port and maritime industry and their impact on the Finnish economy and well-being.

We want to be a good neighbour to the people of Helsinki and we work in active cooperation with neighbourhood associations in our local regions.

We are in constant dialogue with our partners and regularly measure customer satisfaction with our operations. We also want to be a good neighbour to the people of Helsinki. We keep discussion channels open and work actively with neighbourhood associations in our local regions.

Naturally, we also work in close cooperation with authorities, including the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency, the Finnish Transport Safety Agency, the Finnish Border Guard and Finnish Customs. In addition to this, we also have a strong network with the industry’s organisations, both in Finland and abroad.

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Active environmental work

Maritime and port operations have environmental impacts, but we are continuously developing our operations in order to adopt a more environmentally-focused approach. The operations of all our harbours are steered by valid environmental permits, which control matters such as noise and emissions levels and waste management. We also expect our business partners to operate responsibly, especially in regard to environmental matters.


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