Price List

You can find charges for cargo, vessels, passengers, vessel waste management, mooring and unmooring, potable water sales, electricity and unitized cargo traffic as well as hourly charges at the Port of Helsinki Price list.


General terms

A harbour charge for cargo is levied on goods transported by sea via the Port of Helsinki, in accordance with to the price list for cargo traffic.

Goods transported through the port by means other than by sea on a ship are subject to a one-time cargo charge in accordance with the tariff table for cargo traffic. The charge shall be paid by the domestic owner, shipping agent, shipping company, or the person in charge of the cargo during the transport unless otherwise agreed. The person responsible for paying the charge shall provide the Port of Helsinki Ltd with the information required for determining the charge.

Goods charges are levied according to gross weight, unless otherwise stipulated.

Bulk cargo is cargo loaded or unloaded from the vessel by using either shovel, elevator or other conveyor, tube system or hose pipe. The vessel is usually fully loaded with this kind of cargo such as coal, coke, grain, oil or sand.

Charges are waived on the following: passenger luggage, household goods conveyed by vessels in archipelago traffic or goods brought for sale at the market place or in the harbour, containers, pallets and similar transport equipment classified as facilities and not as merchandise, excluding empty vehicle units transported in the South Harbour, Katajanokka and West Harbour.