Road tunnel to Vuosaari Harbour to be closed for just under a year due to construction work

Kaksi tietunnelia, joihin ajaa autoja.

Fintraffic is renewing the safety and traffic management systems of the road tunnel leading to Vuosaari Harbour. The work will require the tunnel to be temporarily closed for prolonged periods. The construction work in the tunnel will begin in 2025, and the tunnel will remain closed for an estimated 11 months.

Complete closures of the tunnel are necessary because the traffic management systems of the Vuosaari tunnel have been implemented in a way that precludes two-way traffic in a single tunnel tube.

During the construction work, Vuosaari Harbour can be accessed via the alternative route Itäväylä–Kallvikintie–Niinisaarentie–Vuosaari Harbour. The alternative route will be improved during autumn 2024 and spring 2025. The smoothness and safety of the route will be improved especially at intersections and pedestrian crossings to make it as functional as possible for increased traffic volumes.

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