Making new

As the main port for foreign trade and passenger traffic services in Finland, we lead the way in port operations. We operate based on the principle of continuous development, by managing and developing port operations in collaboration with operators, whilst providing a framework and producing new, modern services to support the overall port entity.

Helsinki’s passenger harbours, which are located right in the city centre, are a vital part of Helsinki’s business life and character.

Development of traffic connections is important from the perspective of the well-being and business life of the Helsinki region, and the Port of Helsinki, through its own operations, is actively involved in the development of the harbour areas, as well as working in collaboration with the departments of the City of Helsinki to improve the smooth flowing of the road and transport network.

The Port of Helsinki has undertaken two major projects this millennium. One was the construction of Vuosaari Harbour and its infrastructure. This was completed in November 2008.
The second is the ongoing construction of West Terminal 2 and the area’s traffic planning. The new terminal was opened to passengers on February 2017. Traffic arrangements are due for completion in late autumn.

Passenger traffic development

  • The operating conditions of passenger ferry traffic at the harbours of the city centre will be ensured.
  • The main focus point of development is currently passenger ferry traffic in West Harbour.
  • The utilisation rate of the Katajanokka Harbour has increased before the completion of the West Harbour development work.
  • South Harbour is mainly used for passenger-focused liner traffic: high-speed vessels, passenger ferries and cruise ships.
  • The Port of Helsinki will take part in the development of the cruise ship traffic at Hernesaari.

Goods traffic development

  • The focus of inbound cargo traffic development is on the West Harbour and the Katajanokka Harbour.
  • Traffic will be facilitated by improving the road network, other infrastructure solutions and the port’s pre-gate operations.
  • Vuosaari Harbour will be developed as a cargo harbour. This will require sensible city planning solutions, development of the sea fairway and development of land area use.