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Operates with debit/credit cards with a chip (except Diners) and cash (0,20, 0,50, 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 €). Maximum amount of payment at the parking meters is 100 €. You can pay also by using website/smartphone apps ParkMan or EasyPark with no maximum limit for payments.

Please use the exact change when paying for your parking as the parking meters do not give change and will not return notes!

See also: Parking fee refund in fault situations

Those with disability parking permit can park for free in marked parking spaces at the harbour parking areas.

West Terminal 1 and 2

Länsisatama, matkustjakartta 2020

Please reserve plenty of time to get to the terminal. The number of long term parking spaces in the West Harbour is reduced due to eg the building of residential areas.

The utilization rate of the parking spaces vary according to the vessel arrivals and departures. You can check the current parking situation at West Harbour with our webcam.
During peak hours, parking options can also be found in the nearby area, eg from Ruoholahti Europark

To avoid getting a parking ticket, please use only the marked parking spaces. Outside the marked parking lots, Jätkäsaari is an parking prohibition area.

Short-term parking
P2 (max. 2 hours)

Long-term parking P1, P3 and P4
See the Parking Calculator

P-Atlas carpark
Address: Länsisatamankatu 35
360 long-term parking spaces, floors 3-8 for passengers
Payment: Easypark and Parkman mobile payment solutions
See the Parking Calculator 
Doors for pedestrians on Hyväntoivonkuja and Länsisatamankatu sides of the building.  
West Terminal 2 and West Terminal 1 are 600 metres and approximately an 8-minute walk away.

Katajanokka Terminal

Karttakuva Etelä ja Katajanokka pysäköinti

Short-term parking P4 (max. 4 hrs)

Long-term parking P3 and P5
See the Parking Calculator

Parking P2, Katajanokanlaituri 2 (max. 48 hrs)


Olympia Terminal

Karttakuva Etelä ja Katajanokka pysäköinti

Short-term parking (max. 4 hrs)

Kluuvi-service special parking
Olympia Terminal
tel. +358 (0) 44 510 0840

The paid long-term parking area is monitored by recording camera surveillance.

Makasiini Terminal

Karttakuva Etelä ja Katajanokka pysäköinti

Short-term parking at Pakkahuone Quay (max. 4 hrs)

Long-term parking
Price list for the long-term parking area at Makasiini Terminal

Hansa Terminal, Vuosaari

Hansaterminaalin lähestyminen ja pysäköinti

P8 Multi-storey car park

Maximum height for the cars 2.3 m

max. €10/24 hrs
€76/2 weeks

All parking maps from this page in pdf-format