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How to pay the parking

Those with disability parking permit can park their car for free in marked passenger car parking spaces at the harbour outdoor parking areas. Maximum parking time limitations don't apply.

Harbour outdoor parking areas: you may mobile pay with EasyPark, ParkMan and Taskuparkki or with payment machines.

Payment machines operate with the most common cards (Visa, Visa Electron, Visa Debit, Mastercard, Mastercard Debit). You give your registration mark to the parking meter. The meter doesn’t give you a parking slip.  

Satamaparkki car park in West Harbour: you may pay with Tarkuparkki and ParkMan service or with payment machines. 

Olympiaparkki in South Harbour: booking and payment in advance online at

Parking operator

Parking services at Port of Helsinki outdoor parking areas and parking garages at South Harbour, Katajanokka Harbour as well as West Harbour are run by the Port's service partner Aimo Park Finland.

  • Aimo Park customer service, tel +358 207 812 461 

West Terminal 1 and 2

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Long-term parking at the Satamaparkki

Satamaparkki parking facility in West Harbour, Helsinki.

The new Satamaparkki multi-storey carpark serves both West Terminal 1 and 2 passengers. Its address is Länsisatamankatu 45.

All long-term parking at the Port of Helsinki is transferred to Satamaparkki. There are only short-term parking spaces for picking up and dropping off travellers near both terminals.

  • Over 700 parking spaces on eight floors 
  • 18 spaces with the possibility to charge an electric car with renewable energy.
  • Distance to the ship terminals 300-400 meters.
  • No gates when driving in and out 
  • Open 24/7
  • Payments: booking and payment in advance online at At the Satamaparkki: Taskuparkki and ParkMan services, payment machines
  • max. height 2.2 m
  • Prices:
    Drive-in basic parking spaces:
    0–6 hours €4,59/hr
    after witch  €0,88/hr 
    Drive-in parking is paid on the departure or end of the trip.
    Drive-in Premium: 
    0–6 hours  €6,70/hr 
    after witch  €0,88/hr 

Book your basic or premium parking space in advance via web booking service and save money.

•    Wider premium spaces are located on the ground floor.
•   Pre-booked premium spaces include the possibility to charge an electric car with renewable energy - free of charge 
•    By booking in advance you save up to 15% on the parking price. Check the prices:

Go to Satamaparkki booking service and save money

How to use the electric car charging.


There’s a parking area right next to the Satamaparkki carpark dedicated to caravans. Approaching via Länsisatamankatu or Tyynenmerenkatu.

  • Pricer: 0–6 hours €5,70/hr, after witch  €0,55/hr.
  • Please reserve plenty of time to get to the terminal. 
  • The utilization rate of the parking spaces vary according to the vessel arrivals and departures. 
  • To avoid getting a parking ticket, please use only the marked parking spaces. Outside the marked parking lots, Jätkäsaari is an parking prohibition area.

Short-term parking

Short-term parking spaces are for picking up and dropping off travellers near both terminals.

P2, West Terminal 1
•    address Tyynenmerenkatu 8
•    max. 2 hours
•    €4,40/hr 

P3, West Terminal 2 
•    max. 1 hour
•    €4,40/hr 


Katajanokka Terminal

Olympia Terminal

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Long-term parking at Olympiaparkki car park

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  • Olympiaparkki, a car park located on the lower floor of the Olympia Terminal is open to ship passengers.
  • From 4 October 2022 onwards parking must be booked in advance online: 
  • The car park is open every day from 09:00 to 17:00.
  • maximum height 3.2 m
  • 73 parking spaces are available indoors, on the lower floor of the terminal.
  • 9 parking spaces where you can charge an electric vehicle. (Basic + -spaces)
  • Parking is available for the ship’s passengers in Olympiaparkki for 47-hour period
  • Prices: basic parking for 47 h: €54. Basic + parking €59,90. An extra day 12 euros.  
  • Aimo Park customer service, tel. +358 207 812 461 

Long-term parking at the MakasiiniP2 outdoor parking area

Address: Eteläranta 7, 00130 Helsinki. 
No parking time restrictions. 
0– 6 h: 5,70 €/h
6 h – : 0,55 €/h

Short-term parking

Short-term parking is situated just outside the Olympia Terminal. Address: Olympiaranta 1, 00140 Helsinki. 
Maximum parking time 4 hrs.
Prices: €5.70/hrs

Hansa Terminal, Vuosaari