As an employer the Port of Helsinki is reliable, flexible and responsible. The limited company is part of the Helsinki City Group. We support our personnel with good management and ensure a competitive working life and occupational well-being. We train and develop our personnel’s expertise and promote a healthy and safe working environment.

The Port of Helsinki’s organisation is formed of business units and support services. Our objective is to scale our working community correctly, ensuring that all personnel have roles that correspond to their abilities and that they find meaningful. Cooperation and open interaction are valued in our working community. At the beginning of 2019 the Port employed 90 permanent staff.

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The Port of Helsinki is an attractive place to work

Port of Helsinki personnel have great opportunities to undertake training, development and job rotation, as well as benefiting from skilled colleagues, working time flexibility and diverse personnel benefits. Our pay system is supportive and we pay all personnel bonuses when the company does well. The employment terms and conditions, such as annual leave, included in our collective agreement, are very competitive.

Our committed personnel are the result of a combination of long-term experience and new, fresh views.

We work productively and responsibly in collaboration with our customers and other partners. We feel that our work is interesting and important, both for Finland’s foreign trade and sea travel. The Port of Helsinki is the cornerstone of Finland’s growth!