The Port of Helsinki accepts oily waste, black and grey wastewater and solid waste from ships and ensures their proper processing with a waste management company. These are included in the waste management fee.

Each of the Port of Helsinki’s quays is equipped to allow for direct discharge of wastewater into the sewer network, through which it is transported directly to the Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority (HSY) for treatment.

There is no separate charge for discharging wastewater, and vessels receive a 20% discount on the charges for solid and oily waste if they also discharge wastewater at the port.

For a separate charge, the Port of Helsinki’s waste management service also accepts

  • hazardous waste,
  • scrap metal,
  • electrical and electronic waste,
  • waste incineration ash and
  • exhaust gas cleaning residues.

Submit a notification on ship-generated waste in advance

In order to use the waste management services, ships must send a waste notification to the Port of Helsinki in good time before arrival.

If the maritime authorities have exempted a ship from the mandatory delivery and reporting of ship-generated waste, the ship must notify the Port of Helsinki of the exemption.