TWIN-PORT III and IV projects built a more responsible and streamlined port

A new dual ramp for the Vuosaari Harbour speeds up the Vuosaari-Muuga route.

The TWIN-PORT III and TWIN-PORT IV projects, partly funded by the EU, were completed this year in the Port of Helsinki. The projects led to various improvements, the common thread of which was the pursuit of responsible, efficient and modern port operations and, in particular, the streamlining of ship traffic between Helsinki and Tallinn. 

The name ‘TWIN-PORT’ refers to the shipping and port operations between Finland and Estonia via the ports of Helsinki and Tallinn, which are of enormous importance to both countries. The ship route between Helsinki and Tallinn is already extremely busy, and smooth traffic is essential for the development of both cities. This sea route is also significant for the European Union. Both ports are a part of the EU’s core TEN-T network and the strategically significant North Sea–Baltic Corridor. 

The European Union promotes the efficient transportation of people and goods in Europe. The goal is to create a seamless, efficient and safe transport network for cargo and passenger traffic on roads, sea routes and railways. Improvements in transport connections are expected to provide a significant economic boost to the entire EU area and play a major role in reducing transport emissions. Finland is one of the EU’s top beneficiaries in terms of maritime transport projects.

The EU has supported or is currently supporting as many as five different TWIN-PORT projects aiming at a safe and sustainable transport system and the seamless movement of goods and people. The EU’s total contribution has amounted to nearly EUR 44 million.


  • At the end of summer 2023, a retaining wall was completed in front of West Terminal 2 to enhance the use of space in preparation for the future multimodal terminal. 
  • At the end of 2021, the LJ7 and LJ8 berths at West Harbour were equipped with onshore power connections
  • In the summer of 2021, an automated mooring system was completed at the West Harbour berth LJ8. Read more. 
  • In 2019, a dual ramp was completed at the EK7 berth of Katajanokka Harbour. Read more. 
  • Pier AP was completed at Vuosaari Harbour for use by shipping traffic to Muuga in August 2019.


  • Port of Helsinki introduced a new Smart Port gate system for vehicles at West Harbour and Katajanokka at the beginning of summer 2023. Read more.
  • A two level hydraulic shore ramp was completed in Vuosaari Harbour in spring 2023. Read more.
  • A check-in area for passengers on the Vuosaari–Muuga route was built and became operational in early July 2020. During spring 2021, the facilities for inbound traffic were also completed. Read more.
  • The onshore power connections at South Harbour were completed in August 2021. Read more. 

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